The Evil Men Do

Pure Evil

I thought I’d seen the worst of Taiji.. but what I saw, in a video, of Dolphin slaughter last night, went beyond cruelty.. it was Evil personified.

I threw up.
I screamed, and cried more than mere tears..
I swear my eye’s were bleeding.

These men hacked, brutalized, and slaughtered these beautiful, frightened creatures, without batting an eyelid.

No murder, or serial killing, or depraved acts of torture, in HISTORY… Could ever come CLOSE to what these barbaric, sub-human, murderous men of Taiji, did.

They laughed, while they hacked in to a live Dolphin, and kept on laughing, as it writhed in agony on the ground, choking on it’s own blood.. then suffocating.

People who are capable of these things, shouldn’t be allowed near ANY living thing.
I’ve been adamantly against Capital Punishment, ALL my life.. but now?
I’d pull the switch, on the ‘Electric Chair’, MYSELF.

They should NEVER be allowed to breed.

I just wish there was a way I could tell all of the Cetaceans we’ve lost, and those left behind, how sorry and ashamed I am.

The pain in my heart.. is overwhelming. :-(

This screenshot I took, isn’t clear, but it is haunting.
Trust me.. you don’t ever want to see, what I saw, and although we have some graphic content, this was just.. WAY beyond violent, & we will NEVER link that video to here.

All I want in this life, is to see the slaughter of Dolphins, and Pilot Whales in Taiji – END.

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