5 Days: Story of the 250 Bottlenose (Video)

5 Days

We made this, in memory of the 250 Bottlenose Dolphins, who were captured January 17th, and starved for 5 days.

They suffered unimaginable horror.

The Taiji Dolphin drives resume, September 1st.. this movie is a reminder to the world, that this should NEVER happen again.

It also tells the story of the Albino calf, who lost her Mom, and was taken to Taiji Whale Museum, where she STILL resides today – in a tiny cesspool.

Pontius Pilot Whale: Roman Around (Video)

Pontius Pilot Whale: Roman Around

Shinzo Abe has been transported to a sanctuary, run by Pontius, the Pilot Whale.

He is allowed to roam free, until his trial (allowing Cetacean slaughter to continue), but can’t escape as the boundaries are guarded by Lions.. or.. CAN he.. *escape*? :D

Lots of fun.. & special effects, as Shinzo is roaming around.. in this ‘Roman’ type sanctuary.

Mishap.. after mishap!

We hope you get a laugh out of it.

Doctor Dolphin 6: SORE

Doctor Dolphin 6: Sore

Doctor Dolphin is back for a 6th time, wreaking havoc on celebrities, from SLASH, to BRANGELINA – who happened to walk into his surgery.

Wrong place.. at the right time. :D

Loosely based on the SAW movies!

We hope you get a laugh out of it.

Taiji: Your Ghosts Are Coming Home (Dead-Speak)


This version has an entire story before the tale (as in the EPUB.. Check EPUB section!) of the Pilot Whales begins.

Everything has been redone..

We hope you enjoy it!