Hero Grandad Rescues Dolphin Pod

Man Rescues Dolphin Pod

This is the moment a hero grandad on his summer holiday single-handedly saved a pod of Dolphins who had stranded themselves on a Scottish beach.

Astonishing video footage shows Simon Lane, 59, wading into the freezing waters on a remote beach on the Isle of Mull to rescue the 19 distressed mammals.

He used a luggage strap to lift the heaviest Dolphins to deeper water after nephew Finley Meakin, 13, spotted the mass stranding from their rented cottage.

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Pontius Pilot Whale: Roman Around (Video)

Pontius Pilot Whale: Roman Around

Shinzo Abe has been transported to a sanctuary, run by Pontius, the Pilot Whale.

He is allowed to roam free, until his trial (allowing Cetacean slaughter to continue), but can’t escape as the boundaries are guarded by Lions.. or.. CAN he.. *escape*? :D

Lots of fun.. & special effects, as Shinzo is roaming around.. in this ‘Roman’ type sanctuary.

Mishap.. after mishap!

We hope you get a laugh out of it.